SONY presents the data of the PS5!

Now it’s official! After months of secrecy and massive rumors from the scene, SONY now officially spoke about the successor console of the successful PS4. The PS5!

On Wednesday, March 18, 2019, Sony presented the technical data of the upcoming game console “PS5” to the public in a live stream. Sony did not want to comment on the release date at this time. The console is not expected to be released until 2021 due to the current corona pandemic. It is not yet known when there will be more information about the console, but we are currently enjoying the news that we have received.

The technology in Playstation 5:

The heart of the PS5 will be a 64-bit AMD Ryzen ™ “Zen 2” processor, which is equipped with 8 cores / 16 threads and clocks with a variable frequency of up to 3.2 GHz. An AMD Radeon ™ RDNA 2 based graphics engine, which can clock with up to 2.23GHz, provides the interactive graphics on your home screens. This corresponds to a data throughput rate of up to 10.3 TeraFLOPS. In contrast to the Playstation 4, this is an increase of a whopping 6.1 TFLOPS and has thus been slightly more than doubled! Of course, the GPU now also has the appropriate power to execute the new ray tracing commands, which were previously only reserved for PC players with the appropriate hardware. The ray tracing algorithm is responsible for a realistic representation of light, light dynamics and masking dynamics. This technology calculates shadows, reflections or lighting conditions, which are then rendered on the screen in real time.

Even with the RAM, Sony can not be ripped off and packs the new console 16GB GDDR6 memory, which has a band rate of 448GB / s. This amount of RAM, which above all offers a high working speed, is necessary for the games that are getting bigger and bigger. None of us like slow processes in a hectic in-game scene.

New to consoles is the use of an M.2 SSD hard drive for the first time. Sony would like to equip the PS5 with a total of 825GB of the valuable storage material, and the built-in hard drive should have a speed of 5.5GB / s reading speed and should guarantee fast loading times. We from the editorial team can confirm the speeds of the so-called M.2 SSDs, because we have installed them in our home computers. In contrast to the PS5, the Xbox Series X should only shine with a standard SSD with 2.4GB / s. We may doubt whether Microsoft will change anything here, since the production of the console is probably already underway. However, it is conceivable that Microsoft will also catch up later with an update of the console. However, we are currently on the PS5 and this should no longer have any loading screens.

The new console will be backwards compatible with the PS4 and PS4 Pro and about 100 of the best PS4 games will be available for release. However, we from the editorial team find it a shame that Sony could not be overcome to provide PS1, PS2 and PS3 backward compatibility. That would have been the complete kill of the competition. We cannot understand why Sony did not want this, because in the meantime almost everyone can play decent PC games of the first two console generations with better resolution and speed smoothly by using emulators. Perhaps this feature will be added in the future, but it would definitely be desirable.

As usual, the PS5 will again be equipped with an optical drive. An Ultra HD Blu-ray ™ drive is used, which supports Blu-ray ™ with up to 100GB.

Sony particularly emphasized the new 3D sound engine. This is to ensure that you can experience real 3D sound in games even without expensive surround systems. In the game, depending on the mood and game action, the sounds should be heard from the corresponding directions, where they actually originate. Since everyone has a different perception in this area of ​​sound recognition, Sony initially offers five audio profiles to choose from. It is currently not clear whether these will be expanded.

Unfortunately, that was already the case with the presentation. No pictures of the console or upcoming games were shown. Perhaps Sony will make up for this after the Corona crisis, at least we strongly assume that Sony, too, urgently needs the hype from prospective buyers to be able to sell this console.

In the following video you can watch the presentation again yourself. As soon as there is new information about the PS5, we will of course keep you up to date.

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