[PC] PC Building Simulator



“Build your PC empire, from simple repairs to tailor-made presentation pieces that make every lover rave.”

So at least the promises of the publisher “The Irregular Corporation” and whether they correspond to the truth, you read in the following article.

Every real gamer among us knows how important it is to put together a PC so that you can cleverly play the latest games with it. Finished systems are usually not suitable for this, and only when you put together your own computer and set up, you know one hundred percent that the computer works the way you would like it. Here and there are still people who want to get their computer put together or upgrade and hire expensive computer shops with this work.

Now you can open your own shop and offer the different services. Whether it’s building your computer, upgrading, removing viruses or simply dusting away, the PC Building Simulator makes it possible! Even if only virtually…

The PC Building Simulator is, as already mentioned, a simulation that allows the player to run their own computer shop. You get new orders in the game as an e-mail. In it you will find the wishes and the budget of the client according to what you have to be. If you got an order, you order the hardware on the Internet and install it after arrival in the system. It is important to make sure that the hardware ordered is not too expensive, so you also earn something in the work done. Here and there you can pull your customers a bit over the table, for example, by expanding a good graphics card and replacing it with a cheaper model. The good card, however, can be installed later in a system where the customer wants exactly this card. Yes .. also computer shops need to know how they get money.

Throughout the game, you can unlock new software or gadgets with money you spend to get more, higher-paid orders ashore.

The graphics of the PC Building Simulator are decent and the controls are convincing. With simple clicks you can loosen the screws, install new cards or dust the housing. There are some licenses for brand manufacturers included and present their logo in the game. The music is nice, but annoying in the long run, as this repeats itself. These can be turned off, however, simply in the game settings.

Generally, you can not say much more here except that the game is a lot of fun. The game knows in our view no shortcomings. The game is rock solid what one expects from such a simulator. We had fun with it.



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